charpente metalique

You have an idea of metal construction for the realization of a new building or expansion of existing facilities ?

Our skilled metalworker includes metal transformation to become a metal structure. This requires the collaboration of many skills without them no achievement would see the day. Today TOFCO MOROCCO brings its expertise and offers you a powerful support in your project.

So we will bring you tips and suggestions to design the right solution for your project.
Equipped with high-performance design tools, our company will work from the project of an architect or a research Firm to provide adequate solutions to the global reflection of your construction.
This means mastering the entire process : measurement, Design office, manufacturing workshop (sheet metal work, metalwork, locksmith) and installation teams.

We modelize three-dimensional various drafts to inform you of the conceptualized perspectives and the final aspect.
We work mainly with steel and carry ourselves different construction elements. All finishes will be done with the material you will choose (stainless steel, aluminium, etc…).
Our team spirit is the power of our company.